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LinkedIn | Networking

LinkedIn strengthens and extends your existing network of trusted contacts.Find past and present colleagues and classmates quickly. LinkedIn is a networking tool that helps you discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts and business partners. View my public Linked in profile, Marcus Sportsbook

Super sportsbook with great campaigns and high oddsSportsbook with great odds and fun campaigns

Web development resources that I like

jQuery is a new type of JavaScript libraryjQuery is an extremly easy to understand and fast coded JavaScript Library that simplifies life of a coder. Traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and add Ajax interactions to your web pages in a snap.

Website Thumbnails For Your Site on the flyThis is one of the coolest and really simple function I've found for some time. Take live screenshots of your favourite page. All thumbnails on this page is using the Websnapr service.

Servage web-hosting

Extremly cheap and reliable web hostingA company that offers cheap and reliable web hosting with knowledgable support. Some of their benefitial offer: 510 GB Web Space, 510000 MB disc space at your disposal!, 5010 GB Transfer (Transfer 5 Terabyte per month!), Unlimited FTP Accounts and up to 1000 MySQL Databases. Wow!

Member-generated royalty-free illustrations, flash and photosA website that I visit for almost every web project I work with. It's filled with inspiration and very much afforable photos, illustrations and flash work. All content generated by the members. Join now and start making money on your photos.

Free font archiveGetting the perfect font for your website or logo is always a lot of work. is a good help on the way with loads and loads of free fonts to use.

My Bookmarks

BookmarksA collection of bookmarks

Private sites and friends


Catherine Nilsson, Graphic designerA freelancer graphic designer of top notch quality. She's been working with companies like Protego Real Estate, Disney and others. Visit the Cat flap.

Ingelsby Invest

Ingelsby InvestOne of my fathers companies. A simple information / contact page


Quality furniture from TibroQuality all the way. This is the slogan for Formidabel and I don’t think anything could be more correct. Formidabel Specialinredningar i Tibro AB.

Day care / Dagis in Sweden, Hudding

Klockspelet, DagisWhere my children spend their time when I'm at work..

Baby and toddler clothes BabyclothesA information page about baby / toddler clothes and different online clothes shop.

Tibro IK

Tibro IK, A winning ice hockey teamThe Ice Hockey team that beats them all. All of their players are born winners. :-) Don't forget to check out my brother, Christoper Strand.

Klockspelet, biggest idea in the future of TV broadcasting.

Marcus Adolfsson

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